Start a Learning Center

HOPE delivers a blended learning education model in Learning Centers hosted by community-based organizations with a commitment to educating children.

Successful Learning Center applicants demonstrate not only dedication to student achievement, but also a balance of skills vital to Learning Center operations, including education, business and administrative preparedness and a strong commitment to enthusiastically collaborate with HOPE.

As part of its partnership with Learning Centers, HOPE provides:

  • Funding for each student (high school diploma program for students up to age 21)

  • State-of-the art computer lab

  • Curriculum

  • Academic leadership 

  • Learning plans for students

  • Student recruitment support

  • Community relations assistance

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Free breakfast and lunch program for all students 

  • Student behavior, mental health and homeless services 

  • Student activities and athletics programs  

  • College and career planning assistance for students (College in Colorado participant) 

  • Technical and instructional support

As part of a partnership with HOPE, Learning Centers provide:

  • Qualified mentors

  • Appropriate and safe facility

  • High speed Internet (with assistance from HOPE)

  • Elective courses (with support from HOPE)

  • Classroom management and student discipline in accordance with HOPE's policies

  • Student recruitment 

  • Community outreach 

  • Support of other HOPE programs the Learning Center decides to participate in (breakfast and lunch program, activities and athletics, etc.)

  • If you are interested in becoming a HOPE Learning Center, please fill out the Learning Center Interest Form. Further questions about becoming a HOPE Learning Center can be directed to Melanie Stone at 303-727-0315