HOPE’s dedicated teaching professionals enthusiastically serve amidst the unique challenges and circumstances faced by their students. Their daily mission – to provide academic instruction and hope to at-risk youth – is centered on the HOPE principles of self-paced learning, individualized curriculum, one-on-one attention and stable adult mentoring. These basics are vital to HOPE students, many of whom, having struggled in other institutions, are in need of the confidence to believe that they can succeed.

The diverse experiences, academic expertise and professional approaches to education of HOPE teachers set them apart as individuals. Yet, the common thread that unites and fortifies their collective strength is an uncompromising passion and purpose to reenergize an underserved population of students with hope.

HOPE Teachers are highly qualified and Colorado licensed. They are employees of HOPE. A teacher is responsible for the instruction of HOPE students, and thus, a teacher develops a learning plan for each HOPE student. A teacher works with mentors and Learning Centers to offer support and ensure compliance with HOPE, Douglas County School District, Colorado and federal academic standards. The teacher-student ratio is low.