HOPE student selected for 2018 Colorado Student Leaders Institute Summer Program

April 16, 2018
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Article in YourHub/The Denver Post

Juan, a 9th grader from HOPE's Maranatha Learning Center in Denver, has received a prestigious honor by being selected to participate in the 2018 Colorado Student Leaders Institute Summer Program at the University of Colorado Denver.

He was chosen from a large and competitive body of applicants based on his commitment to mathematics, independent study course on computer programming, application essays, outreach work with elementary and middle school students, and letters of recommendation. Juan is excited to participate in the STEAM courses at CU and will earn 3 college credit hours in science for the successful completion of the program.

As a culmination of Juan's outreach project, he also completed a 3D print workshop, which he built, with students at HOPE's World Impact Academy in early March (this is the center he attended last year and where his sibling currently attends). He taught students in grades 4-8 how to use CAD design software over the course of several weeks. Juan used his skills with mathematics (scaling), programming (STL files) and engineering (3D printing) to help them bring their designs to life. He is HOPE's student lead in 3D printing, equipment HOPE purchased through AdoptAClassroom.org funds, and is planning future projects with other students. 

Juan is a part of HOPE's Gifted and Talented Program. As an English language learner, he has worked hard to demonstrate his academic prowess. Juan is completing online computer coding courses through Udacity and plans to earn his college degree in programming. He will be a first-generation college student.

Above: April 17th recognition event at Maranatha with Juan's family and HOPE educators and administrators