Students share their HOPE

February 28, 2017
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Our Parkhill Academy in Denver held an assembly on Friday, Feb. 10th, to honor community leaders, including Stevie Johnston, a professional boxer, and Malcolm Boyd, a children's author. They also paid tribute to Rashaan Salaam, a professional football player, with help from community activist Mark McIntosh. Additionally, the middle schoolers  shared their dreams for their future. It was an inspirational event! Below is one of the speeches written and read by one of the middle school students at the event.

By Jamie, middle school student at HOPE's Parkhill Academy in Denver

I have a dream that one day there will be no trace of prejudice and racism anywhere in the world. Future generations of black children from the slums isn’t bleak. I have a dream that in Syria, you won’t have to walk through a war to walk to the store. I have a dream that the people who are poor aren’t treated like they’re rotten to the core, and the homeless won’t have to snore on the floor.

It shouldn’t be such a chore to keep people from not living unwealthy, but healthy. Not crappy but happy. I have a dream that peace and happiness are colorblind. I have a dream that kids in Compton wouldn’t be expected to join a gang, and parents in Colorado wouldn’t have to worry about their children growing up to sell and smell drugs.

I have a dream about all colors mixing. Black and white make a light gray, like hazy clouds drifting on a hot summer day. Red with blue make the color of violets. Red blood and blue tears make the color of nonviolence. Painting a multicolor painting doesn’t work with only the primary colors, so take revolution’s fist, grab your brush and twirl your wrist.Twist up a storm, a tornado of color. Paint the earth, the sun, the moon, the skies, the water, the soil, the girls, the guys, the day, the night, the birds, the trees, paint however you please, how the world should be. Paint, paint like there’s no tomorrow, cuz if not, there won’t be, and we’ll all be in sorrow.

So, give that poor man a 10-dollar bill, cuz if you don’t, that man’ll miss out on a meal. Teach your kids not to kill and steal, cuz if you don’t teach ‘em that then nobody else will. If you’re rich, then good job, but please stay pleasant. Nobody likes being called a pleb or a peasant. People say money is the root of all evil, but don’t prove them right by treating people like weasels.

Blacks and whites shouldn’t treat each other like fleas or ticks, cuz either way we’re both getting our butts kicked. Blacks, not every cop should be known for police brutality. Whites, please have a bit more racial morality. The mystery of life has so many stray clues, so live it to the fullest, no time to lose. Though you may be unaware, life is what you choose. So if you have a dream, try to make it come true.