HOPE is committed to encouraging student exploration through many creative learning opportunities. Drawing from the best of both text and inquiry-based methods, our instructional team is implementing an academic foundation that will range from increasing general knowledge and basic skills to excelling at a high level.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, HOPE offers a well-rounded education that encompasses traditional subjects including reading, writing, mathematics, science, social sciences and foreign languages. 

The HOPE model:

  • Develops a foundation for literacy and strengthens knowledge of reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies and science
  • Is accredited, standards-based and mapped to the national Common Core and Colorado standards
  • Is developed by experienced educators, based on scientifically-based research, pedagogically-sound instruction and proven best practices
  • Incorporates self-paced and project-based activities that promote exploration, individual learning, cooperative learning, problem solving, reflection and real-world connections
  • Offers students the ability to achieve academic success through a variety of learning and instructional strategies designed to teach to multiple learning styles
  • Features assessment and management tools that provide students and teachers immediate feedback and guidance, allowing student progress to be monitored and assessed in real time
  • Is individualized, allowing students to move forward at their own pace and receive remediation or enrichment when needed

Literacy focus
HOPE offers numerous options for hands-on literacy skill-building at all grade levels. HOPE teachers offer extensive support integrating reading into existing learning goals and assignments and presenting troubleshooting strategies for individual learners. Ongoing benchmarks and progress monitoring keep literacy skills a priority for all students.

Additional curriculum information: