Success Stories

  • Amber, 2015 Graduate

    Motivation and determination have driven Amber to graduation day. She has been a HOPE at New Hope Academy student since the 6th grade and is proud to be setting an example for her two younger sisters, 12 and 16, who too are determined to earn a high school diploma.

    Amber is also proud to be starting a new family tradition by being the first one in her family to attend college. She has earned a full Federal Pell Grant to attend Colorado State University in Fort Collins this fall where she plans to major in Psychology and live on campus. Her goal one day is to be a Clinical Psychologist as she finds it fascinating how everyone thinks differently and enjoys helping others work through their life challenges.

    “My family is really proud I am going to college,” said Amber. “My mom has always inspired me with her independence and how she helps as much as she can.”

    The HOPE academic team at New Hope Academy says Amber has been a bright spot in their Learning Center.

    “She is a thoughtful, kind person and everyone likes her,” said Ms. Ashleigh Singh, Amber’s New Hope Academy Mentor. “Amber is very intelligent, and I feel she is already writing at a college level. I have always been impressed with her independence. She’s always had a plan for her life and is focused on meeting her goals.”

    Amber has appreciated the smaller, one-on-one environment at HOPE’s New Hope Academy. She likes the fact that she was just not another student in class. Her instructors have taken the time to get to know her and this has made the environment welcoming.

    Outside of the classroom, Amber enjoys reading. She particularly likes a fantasy writer, Patrick Rothfuss, for the way he organizes his ideas in his writing. In fact, her favorite school subject is English, particularly literacy. Her love of the written word is also why she says she liked the online HOPE curriculum.

    “It made it easier to understand and take notes,” said Amber.

    Amber and her classmates competed in the HOPE Science Expo this year and placed 2nd in the high school division.

    “My best advice to others working towards graduation is work hard throughout high school so you don’t leave all the work until your senior year. Also apply for scholarships to college,” said Amber.