Success Stories

  • Anthony, 2017 Graduate

    Anthony entered HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op’s Alpha Learning Academy in Pueblo when he was in 6th grade and battling insecurity and depression. He had been bullied in other schools, gotten into fights, was getting bad grades and even contemplated taking his own life.

    “I didn’t fit in anywhere. But the encouragement at HOPE helped me,” said Anthony. “The staff here means everything to me. I appreciate all their help.”

    During his middle and high school years at HOPE, Anthony has grown into a leader at his center.

    “His peers respect and look up to him,” said Ms. Celina Apodaca, Director at Alpha Learning Academy. “He has a huge heart and has a lot of compassion for other students. He is a true example of an all-around good student. We are sad to say goodbye to him as he has been someone we’ve grown accustomed to having around.”

    Anthony is planning to attend Pueblo Community College to earn a degree in radiology. He is following his family’s footsteps. Anthony’s older sister attends the University of Wyoming and both of his parents hold master’s degrees. He earned a scholarship from Comcast to help pay for college.

    “I hope I can bring a light of happiness to people I treat (as a radiologist),” said Anthony.

    Not only did Anthony excel in the classroom at HOPE, he also was very involved in Alpha Learning Academy’s extracurricular activities. He served as Student Council President, a position voted on by the student body. He was also the Secretary for the Youth Empowerment Council in Pueblo, an organization that helped him and his Learning Center get involved in many community activities, such as the Chili Festival and Rodeo. In February, Anthony and one of his classmates, Tyron, presented testimonials about their experiences at HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op at the Colorado State Capitol during Cyberschools Day.

    “Speaking for my school and representing them now, after they changed me from where I was, is the least I could do to repay them for never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself,” a quote taken from Anthony’s speech.

    Another activity Anthony is proud of is his social enterprise team who developed a suicide prevention program last spring that competed at two events, including one in Denver with the Carson J. Spencer Foundation, and earned top honors. At the Pueblo Entrepreneurship Competition, Anthony earned a scholarship to Pueblo Community College.

    “Never sell yourself short,” said Anthony. “Even in the darkest times, you are taking steps towards your future.”