Success Stories

  • Brandon, 2017 Graduate

    HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op changed Brandon’s life.

    “I will be someone when I grow up,” said Brandon. “I never thought I would go to college or meet such cool people. This is what this school is all about. Thank you HOPE!”

    Brandon beams with pride when sharing the news that he is going to college. He was recently accepted to Northeastern Community College in Sterling and is waiting to hear back from Colorado Mountain College in Gunnison.

    “I want to do something with the arts and sports, maybe broadcasting,” said Brandon.

    Brandon’s mindset towards learning changed when he started middle school at HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op. He credits the staff who he worked with, including Mountain View Academy’s Director Ms. Amanda Cancino, for helping him gain a new sense of self.

    “The staff here is the best I have seen,” said Brandon. “I like their understanding, and the way they work with us. I respect them so much, and I know they will continue to impact the lives of youth for years to come.”

    Before coming to HOPE, Brandon was being homeschooled. He had attended traditional public schools, but had struggled in these learning environments as an ADHD student.

    “HOPE brought what I needed. It is the smartest thing I have ever seen. I could stay focused online and get one-on-one help,” said Brandon. “I matured a lot, and I am very proud of myself.”

    Brandon’s younger sister, Kaylee, is a 10th grade student at HOPE’s Mountain View Academy. He looks up to his father, who is his single parent.

    “My father is everything to our family. He works so hard and is so helpful to people. He has set a good example,” said Brandon.

    This summer, Brandon and his sister will join their father in Canada where he will be shooting a film he helped write. Brandon is truly thankful that his family’s life is turning around.

    “Always stay positive, no matter the negatives going on in your life. You can overcome everything,” said Brandon.

    Brandon is a student who the staff at Mountain View Academy won’t soon forget. He was active outside of the classroom in flag football, attending Prom and participating in community business competitions.

    “I have never met a young man with greater compassion and ambition than Brandon. This is just the beginning. Brandon will continue to work hard to achieve his purpose in life,” said Ms. Cancino.