Success Stories

  • Devean, 2017 Graduate

    As HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op wraps up their 12th school year, a member of the Class of 2017 will help us mark a historic occasion. A junior who is graduating a year early at Brighton Leadership Academy, Devean, will be the first student in history to attend HOPE for her entire K-12 education. Devean has her sights set on being a lawyer, maybe one day serving on the Supreme Court.

    “This place has shaped me,” said Devean. “I will never forget being here.”

    Devean came to Brighton Leadership Academy after learning about it through family. She can still remember the nerves she had on her first day of kindergarten.

    “I started when the center first opened. We all had jitters,” said Devean.

    People who have gotten to know Devean through the years know she is someone who “set the bar high” at an early age. She is a motivated student and very goal-oriented. Devean has also relied on the great support
    system at HOPE’s Brighton Leadership Academy.

    “This is home. I like being here. They are my (extended) family,” said Devean. “I appreciate all their encouragement.”

    Devean has also met her best friends at Brighton Leadership Academy and, together, this group inspires one another to keep reaching for their goals.

    “It is important to be there for others no matter what,” said Devean.

    Self-reliance is a skill that Devean is proud she possesses. This has helped her overcome obstacles in life and with her peers. Besides being valedictorian in the Class of 2017, Devean also never missed a day of school. She additionally put in countless hours at home, in between her job at a local restaurant, to make sure she was staying on track in her classes.

    “Devean is always going above and beyond. Her work is always done with 100 percent effort no matter what. She has come a long way from her kindergarten days. I know there are big things yet to come for Devean. She is very determined and will achieve her dreams,” said Mr. Freddy Covarrubias, Brighton Leadership Academy Mentor.

    HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op has worked for Devean. She likes the small environment and the attention she has received from the staff. Devean has also been involved in extracurricular activities at HOPE, including sports and the Talent Show. She also attended Prom this spring and was on the Prom Court. Both of her parents are college graduates. Her mother earned her degree while raising a family and working.

    “It has been my goal to graduate from HOPE. I’ve attended HOPE graduations in the past, and I can’t wait for mine to celebrate my hard work,” said Devean.

    Devean plans on attending the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.