Success Stories

  • Esther, Graduate

    Before enrolling in HOPE, Esther never thrived in school. She found the work difficult and never managed to  get the one-on-one attention she needed from her teachers.

    Esther reports that many of her former classmates were a bad influence—they did not care about their education and continually disrupted the learning environment. As a result, Esther lacked confidence and had all but given up on graduating from high school.

    “I didn’t even plan to finish high school—I told myself that once it got unbearable, I would drop out like my dad did,” said Esther.

    Before starting high school, Esther decided to take control of her future. Realizing that she alone had the power to shape her destiny, she made a goal—to never drop out of high school or fail a grade. Knowing her current school was not a good fit, Esther turned to HOPE. “When I first started, I didn’t know what to expect. All I heard was that it was a small school with a nice principal,” said Esther.

    Immediately, she noticed a difference between her old school and her new online school. “The teachers really helped me at HOPE, and, as time went by, my grades started getting better. I went from a C-average to an A-B-average—it felt really good.” While she admits that online learning presented certain obstacles, she says her teachers at HOPE were integral to her success. Not only did Esther graduate from high school, she enrolled at Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. Graduating from HOPE and going to college has taught Esther to believe in herself—she has newfound confidence and plans to major in International Studies. Esther thinks she might become a lawyer one day and travel the world, and thanks to HOPE, she knows the possibilities for her life are limitless.

    A Portrait of Success, Voices of HOPE, Vol 1, No 1/Fall 2007