Success Stories

  • Esynce, 2019 Graduate

    Esynce points to the support and encouragement from HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op for helping her earn her diploma and pinpoint what she wants to do with her life.

    “There was a lot to think about,” said Esynce, who is planning to attend Community College of Denver in the fall to pursue a degree in psychology or business management. “HOPE sees the potential in their students and believes in our talents. I appreciate they don’t give up on us.”

    HOPE at Maranatha Learning Center in Denver became a second home for Esynce. When Esynce made the switch to HOPE in 7th grade, she was seeking an educational environment where she would be accepted. Esynce had faced bullying in her former school and it hurt her self-esteem.

    “I looked forward to coming to school (at HOPE), especially when I was facing hard times,” said Esynce. “They always made me feel better.”

    Esynce thinks the world of the staff at HOPE’s Maranatha Learning Center. She is particularly fond of Ms. Victoria Aguilar, the Director of HOPE at Maranatha Learning Center, who has walked in similar shoes to her students.

    “Ms. Aguilar didn’t get good grades in high school. Her parents hadn’t received a formal education, and she worked during her high school years,” said Esynce. “But, later in life, she went to college and earned a degree in education. She understands our struggles and knows the resources to help. There are not many schools that would do what the staff at Maranatha does for their students.”

    The environment at Maranatha Learning Center helped Esynce blossom as a leader. She served on the HOPE-wide Student Council and shared her story of success frequently in the community. Esynce completed the requirements to graduate in December. She has worked during her high school years and currently holds a job at a local movie theater.

    “HOPE doesn’t do everything ‘by the book’,” said Esynce. “But that is why it is successful. Not every student is the same, and what is offered in other schools might not work, especially for students who are struggling.”

    In school, Esynce enjoyed English, particularly writing, and math. Esynce was also fond of her HOPE’s Learning Center elective, boxing. In fact, she plans to continue the sport after graduation.

    “I like the discipline of boxing. It is a good way to stay healthy too,” said Esynce.

    Helping others is another area Esynce has grown in during her time at HOPE. When she first started, she thought asking for assistance was a sign of weakness. Outside of school, Esynce enjoys writing music lyrics. She is working on getting several of her lyrics copyrighted. She has additionally picked up photography as a hobby and hopes to explore it more in college.

    “Esynce is a hard worker and very responsible. She is always willing to help and mentor other students who struggle. Esynce cares for her community,” said Ms. Aguilar.

    Through all the ups and downs in her life, Esynce has been inspired by the hard work and tenacity of her family. Her parents are strong believers in education and have been there every step of the way as she worked towards graduation.

    “It is important to always be moving forward,” said Esynce. “Nothing comes easy in life, but there are no limits on how high you can soar.”