Success Stories

  • Euriah, 2019 Graduate

    Antwoine, better known as Euriah, has not let adversity stand in his way. He came to HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op in Pueblo in 5th grade, struggling to find an education environment where he could succeed. HOPE quickly helped him get back on track.

    “I could concentrate at HOPE, and it helped me do better work,” said Euriah, who ended high school with a top GPA.

    During his high school years at Alpha Learning Academy, Euriah became a leader in his Learning Center. He stepped up to volunteer in the middle school classroom, serving as a needed role model for his peers. Euriah also has become an avid artist and brought his passion to his HOPE Learning Center to share with other students. One of his favorite memories was a Comic Book Day he did at his Learning Center at the end of last year, encouraging the students to find their everyday ‘superpowers.’

    “My younger brother and I both love comics. There are great life lessons in them, including how to be good to yourself and others,” said Euriah.

    Euriah’s contributions to his HOPE Learning Center did not go unnoticed in the community. In the spring of 2019, Prudential awarded Euriah a Spirit of Community Award in honor of his volunteer service to Alpha Learning Academy.

    “What I admire the most about Euriah is his heart and his patience. He is a natural born leader and an exceptional role model for our students, who all look up to him. Euriah has been a definite asset to our Learning Center,” said Ms. Jodene Muniz, HOPE Building Resource Coordinator/Teacher at Alpha Learning Academy.

    Another setback for Euriah occurred in the 7th grade. A mishap during tonsil surgery left him with 50 percent lung capacity. Euriah was a competitive swimmer and had ambitions to compete in college and the Olympics.

    “This helped me to take life more seriously and taught me to fight and work harder because tomorrow is not promised,” said Euriah.

    A strong work ethic is what propelled Euriah to earn his high school diploma. He took great satisfaction at the end of each school day in seeing what he had accomplished and learned that day. One of his favorite classes in school was science. He loved the hands-on experiments he performed with classmates. Additionally, working on the computer at HOPE helped him build skills to enter the workforce when he completed coursework early in December.

    “I didn’t know how to use a computer and all the applications before HOPE and now I am able to use these applications at my internship at Trane Manufacturing and Mission Foods,” said Euriah.

    This summer, Euriah is planning to move to California where he used to live and has family. Euriah has a love for helping others and is planning to pursue a degree to work as a SWAT.

    “Education can take you far in life. No matter the challenges, you can do it,” said Euriah.

    Euriah has two younger siblings, Tobee and William, who are middle school students at HOPE’s Alpha Learning Academy. He is close to his father, Antoine Sr., and mother, Desirae, who teaches at Alpha Learning Academy. He currently works at Mission LLC in Pueblo. During his time at Alpha Learning Academy, he assisted middle school students, served on the Student Council and helped with school activities, such as the dance decoration committee. Euriah also contributes his success to Ms. Celina Apodaca, Alpha Learning Academy’s Director.

    “She took a step of faith in opening Alpha Learning Academy and providing a learning environment that worked for students like me,” said Euriah. “The entire staff at Alpha played a part in my education, and I am thankful for all of them. I now have the rest of my life to fulfill my dreams because of the solid foundation I built at HOPE.”