Success Stories

  • Euriah, 8th Grade

    As Coloradoans, we are lucky to live in a state which offers a diverse set of education options for students in k-12 grades. But these choices can be overwhelming, especially for families who have a student who is struggling to progress academically.

    Ten years ago HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op became a school choice option for Colorado families. Its blended, community-based learning environment was the answer for students who never thought they would ever see graduation day.

    Meet Euriah, a current 8th grade HOPE student in Pueblo at Alpha Learning Academy. Euriah has attended HOPE for three years and is now reading at grade level. When he entered HOPE he was reading two grade levels behind.

    “I feel excited about my achievements and excited that I know that I can complete things from start to finish,” said Euriah. “I never had teachers who cared about me like they do here.”

    Euriah’s HOPE academic team worked hard collaborating on a reading program that would help him advance.

    “We worked to improve decoding, comprehension and fluency. This program was used for our middle school students,” said Ms. Sonya Churchill, Moderate Needs Teacher for HOPE at Alpha Learning Academy. “But it really came down to Euriah’s HOPE mentor, Desirae, who also happens to be his mom. Her consistency and dedication made all the difference.”

    Desirae is very proud of her son’s achievements.

    “The HOPE system has worked for Euriah. Working at his own pace, and knowing right away where problem areas may be, has made him successful,” she said.

    HOPE at Alpha Learning Academy Director Ms. Celina Apodaca also points to smaller class sizes as a reason struggling students succeed at HOPE.

    “We show our students we care and are making an investment in their education,” she said.

    Euriah’s academic success has him rethinking his future.

    “I never thought about college because I don’t like extra work. But I want to work towards college and maybe swim (I’m a competitive swimmer) and study art.”

    This story was featured on the front page of the Pueblo Chieftain in January 2015. Read the story here.  

    January 2015