Success Stories

  • Euriah, Graduating Senior

    Euriah came to HOPE in 5th grade. He was struggling in school and falling behind. HOPE at Alpha Learning Academy was a welcome change for him. He was able to get back on track and has never looked back. In fact, during his high school years, Euriah has become a leader in his school. He has one of the top GPAs in the HOPE Senior Class of 2019. Euriah currently helps out in a middle school classroom at his Learning Center and inspires the next generation to never give up on their future. But academic struggles are not the only thing that Euriah has had to overcome in his life. A mishap during a tonsil surgery during his 7th grade school year destroyed one of his lungs and now it only has 50 percent capacity. Euriah had been a competitive swimmer and had dreams of swimming in college and to the U.S. Olympics, but that quickly ended. He was faced with finding new passions in his life, including a new career path as he hoped to become a firefighter or S.W.A.T. Euriah has always had a passion for art, and this was something he used to help get through some challenges he has faced. Euriah has taken his art passion and helps teach art at his Learning Center as a coping tool for some his peers. He has always known earning a diploma was his ticket to life. Euriah will be graduating early, in December 2018, and plans to enroll in Pueblo Community College in January to begin pursing a degree in the Police Academy for S.W.A.T. This will help him continue to help others, something he enjoys. He says it brings him peace. Through all his ups and downs in life, Euriah has learned that life doesn’t always go the way you intended. He appreciated finding a school like HOPE as it taught him how to succeed. Euriah had time at Alpha Learning Academy to work on areas where he struggled and build up his abilities. After college, he plans to live in California.   

    Posted 10/2/18