Success Stories

  • Gabriella, 4th Grade

    Gabriella, a fourth grade student at Renewal Academy, has a winning attitude and is sure to conquer any goal she sets for herself.  The mild-mannered young lady knows she must work diligently, but, along the way, she enjoys the accomplishments that mark her progress. 

    However, believing she can achieve academic goals did not always come naturally to Gabriella.  Like several of her peers, she had no confidence in her ability to learn when she enrolled at HOPE. 

    “These particular students had been told repeatedly that they could not succeed in school, that they were incapable,” shares HOPE Teacher Aurora Gonzalez. “We must regularly remind them that they are absolutely capable because it is hard for them to believe.”

    Explaining that she is given “a lot of work to do” to help her learn, Gabriella sees the relationship between her intensified efforts and her ability to understand her lessons.  She is known for always answering in complete sentences, and, as she attests, making strides in her core topics.  “I worked a lot in language arts last year,” Gabriella says in a soft voice, “Now I am better at math too.”

    “Gabriella’s success is her perseverance,” notes Ms. Gonzalez.  “Since she has been at HOPE, her performance has not had any setbacks, only progress forward.”

    Everyone who supports Gabriella at Renewal Academy agrees that her obedience and response to guidance is a remarkably consistent quality.  A poster in her classroom entitled, “Character Counts,” summarizes the importance of responsibility, respect and citizenship and could be a checklist for the cheerful and caring girl’s attributes.

    “Gabriella responds immediately to feedback.  The minute she is aware of a better way to communicate, to complete a lesson or to be helpful, she gives her all to follow instructions and corrections,” confirms mentor Miss Gabby.  “That trait sets her apart as a successful student.  It is also a tool that will help her achieve even more success.”

    Now that she is growing in her skills, confidence and friendships at Renewal Academy, Gabriella’s goals will grow with her.  Good job, Gabriella!

    Gabriella’s Goals, Voices of HOPE, Vol 5 No 1/Fall 2011