Success Stories

  • Hayden, 2nd Grade

    Hayden is most comfortable ahead of the pack, and he prefers a learning pace that keeps him there.  He finds new inspiration to forge ahead every time his buddy moves on to the next assignment.  Being the leader motivates this second grader, who strives to master every subject. 

    Learning, playing and making good decisions are activities that allow Hayden’s conscientious nature to shine.  By virtue of his thoughtful patience and attention to detail, this friendly boy knows the mechanics of division and forming cursive letters. Among the lessons which Hayden has learned from his teacher and Learning Center mentors is an understanding that fighting brings bad consequences but getting along with others earns rewards.  Hayden enjoys learning, both skills and lessons, at Little debbie’s Dream Learning Center.

    Hayden works hard at home and always pays attention during school.  Heeding the advice of his mother, a high school teacher, he continues to improve his exceptional reading and study skills, because he knows that they will help him as he advances into higher grade levels.  Intent on maintaining Hayden’s interest, Judy Robbins, one of Hayden’s mentors, is grateful that HOPE's curriculum allows students, like Hayden, who complete work accurately and quickly, to delve deeper into a subject, while remaining on topic with their peers. 

    Proud of his accomplishments, Hayden looks forward to a career where he can use advanced technology.   In fact, a technical career with the Army sounds great to Hayden.  Helping him move toward his goals, his mentor, Terry Tanner, challenges Hayden to be prepared and “have your game face on” when he take tests.  The advice seems to work well for Hayden, who is committed to doing well on tests in every subject.  Thank you, Hayden, for being a leader in learning!

    Pacing to Win!, Voices of HOPE, Vol 3 No 2/Winter 2009