Success Stories

  • Joseph, Graduating Senior

    Joseph has been a student at HOPE's Brighton Leadership Academy since 8th grade. Joseph says that he has never seen a school that cares more about their students than HOPE and that makes all the difference in his motivation to complete his coursework and reach graduation. Joseph's family has had some significant struggles as his single mother works hard to support Joseph and his younger sister who is battling an illness for which there is not yet an official diagnosis. Joseph has struggled with attendance as his family dealt with transportation issues and the need for someone to care for his sister. Joseph has not let these challenges stand in his way of earning a diploma. He knows that determination is a key to success in life. Many people in Joseph's family have not graduated, and Joseph's graduation will be a huge accomplishment, not only for him, but for his entire family as well. After his graduation this year, Joseph plans to attend trade school. 

    Posted 10/2/18