Success Stories

  • Kaylee, Graduating Senior

    Kaylee came to HOPE part way through her 5th grade school year (she will now graduate in May). She had been homeschooled and was seeking an environment where she could gain more social skills and enhance her learning. This is when she found HOPE at Mountain View Academy. She enrolled along with her brother, Brandon, who graduated from HOPE two years ago. Kaylee and her brother are raised by a single father and their grandmother. HOPE has truly turned Kaylee’s life around. She struggles with her learning and has an IEP but learned to overcome these challenges and now is strictly an A and B student. Kaylee is very conscientious about her classes and works very hard to maintain her GPA. She has made new friends and jumped into activities at her Learning Center, including Student Council. HOPE pushed Kaylee to try new things, and she has learned how to reach her full potential. Through HOPE, she has figured out how to handle her end of the quarter anxiety and panic attacks in a positive way to push through and complete her assignments. Kaylee feels she has gained maturity at HOPE too. Once she was influenced by her peers and let it hurt her schoolwork. Now, she separates friendships and schoolwork, and this has helped her focus being a good student. She has learned that it doesn’t matter what others think of you. You need to find the value in yourself and know you can do anything possible. Next year Kaylee is planning to attend college and wants to get into stage design. She is a TV and movie addict and feels this is a profession she could be passionate about. Her father is a film script writer and the family has traveled with him on assignment in the past. Kaylee is also an extremely talented artist who has taught herself many of the art forms she is interested in, such as sewing. She designs and creates her own stuffed animals using a handheld sewing machine.

    Posted 10/2/18