Success Stories

  • Marisol, 4th Grade

    HOPE at Choice Academy in Pueblo is celebrating the progress that 4th grader Marisol has made since she started with them in 1st grade. Marisol came to Choice Academy behind both academically and socially. As a 1st grader, she didn’t know how to count or the alphabet. She also got frustrated easily and would break down in class. The academic team rallied behind her with a plan three years ago to get her back on track. Today, she has surpassed the goals set for her and is excelling. Marisol has learned how to handle both academic and social challenges. Even as her family faced homelessness, Marisol’s progress was not derailed. Marisol has a new found confidence in herself. She says she really enjoys math and loves the staff at Choice Academy. Marisol is also proud of the helper she has become for her mother and three brothers. She one day wants to go to college. Marisol is proud of her work ethic and her good grades. 

    Posted 1/24/19