Success Stories

  • Samantha, 2017 Graduate

    The learning environment at HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op’s Power Academy in Aurora has helped Samantha find success.

    “I wanted to attend a smaller high school,” said Samantha, who has been at Power Academy since 9th grade. “Here, I’ve gotten to know the people and had a great support system.”

    Samantha has embraced the many opportunities at her Learning Center to enhance her high school experience. She has played sports, including soccer, and has attended HOPE’s Career and College Days. This year at Prom, Samantha was named the 2017 HOPE Prom Queen.

    “I’ve made a lot of friends and have a strong peer circle. I like that everyone gets involved and no one is left out,” said Samantha.

    In fact, Samantha’s favorite part of school is the friends that she has made. Her advice for her peers as they work towards their diploma is simple.

    “Work for what you want and don’t let others influence you,” said Samantha.

    Samantha wants to earn an advanced degree in architecture. One of her hobbies is drawing, and she wants to one day build her own house. Samantha is planning to apply to Metro State University of Denver and start classes, hopefully, in the fall.

    The staff at Power Academy thinks highly of Samantha.

    “Samantha is the perfect mix of intelligence, courage and generosity. She has worked tirelessly to help others to achieve their goals,” said Margaret Kirn, HOPE Teacher at Power Academy. “Samantha has been a positive influence on every person at Power, and we will be watching for great things to come from her. It’s been my good fortune to call her my student and friend.”

    Samantha’s brother, Aaron, is a HOPE graduate who is pursuing a college degree in computer science. She credits her family support system for helping her reach this point in her life.  Samantha particularly admires her mother.

    “She expected a lot of me, and I appreciate all she has done to get me to this point,” said Samantha.

    Samantha’s family has enjoyed being frequent spectators at her HOPE sporting events.

    HOPE’s online curriculum met Samantha’s learning style. It has allowed her to advance through her  classes at a pace that worked for her. She also spent time at home working on her classes.

    “I made it a point to keep up with my classes. Going to HOPE helped me do better in school,” said Samantha.