Success Stories

  • Tracey, Graduate

    Tracey is an academically gifted student who began to lose interest in academics during her high school years.  An excellent student through middle school, Tracey found that her high school classes were not challenging.   Upon learning that, at HOPE, she could progress through her studies at an accelerated pace, she enrolled at A Brand New Start Learning Center.  Tracey discovered that online learning was not only more efficient and sustained her interest, but it also complemented her natural learning style. 

    As struggles challenged her path toward graduation, Tracey overcame them by embracing the belief that  life’s lessons would make her a better person.  The first high school graduate in her family, Tracey is very proud of her accomplishment.  She hopes her success will encourage younger children, especially her sisters, to believe they can achieve their dreams and become whatever they desire.

    Now, Tracey is following her own dreams to become an OB/GYN doctor.  Her twelve-year journey began recently with her enrollment at the Community College of Denver (CCD).  After completing basic courses at CCD, and transferring to the University of Colorado at Denver to earn a bachelors degree, this ambitious HOPE graduate will enroll in medical school. 

    Great Job, Tracey!