Success Stories

Fransisco, 2018 Graduate

A HOPE Mentor, Ms. Harrison, at his former Learning Center is the reason that Fransisco did not drop out when he was in middle school.

“She called me and made sure I was at school. She would even pick me up and bring me,” said Fransisco. “I wish I had kept in touch with her.”

Ruby, 2018 Graduate

Staying in school and earning her diploma was important to Ruby.

“It was something my father always expected of me. I want to make him proud,” said Ruby.

Jaelynn, 8th Grade

On May 10th, one of HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op's middle school students, Jaelynn, from Alpha Learning Academy in Pueblo was honored at an event in Aurora for having her mental health struggles and strength story published in a local book being put out by the Colorado Mental Health Youth A

Juan, 9th Grade

Juan, a 9th grader from HOPE's Maranatha Learning Center in Denver, has received a prestigious honor by being selected to participate in the 2018 Colorado Student Leaders Institute Summer Program at the University of Colorado Denver.