Success Stories

James and Aaron, Graduates

This is a story about two HOPE students who formed an alliance, vowing to beat the odds—together.

Eyosias, 1st Grade

Eyosias is a natural learner.  His enthusiasm for his lessons is both praiseworthy and contagious.   As he describes his success with numbers, spelling and even his homework, his eyes sparkle.  Without a doubt, Eyosias brings energy and curiosity to every subject and activity. 

Devean, 5th Grade

HOPE student Devean explains that she would make an outstanding judge, projecting a sensibility and concern for others that transcend her years. “When I was six,” she dutifully clarifies, “I just thought it would be cool to use a gavel like they do on television. But now I understand how important fairness really is. I think I could help people because I always listen to both sides when there are problems, and I can usually tell who is telling the truth.”

Jacob, Graduate

Jacob, a 2008 HOPE graduate, turned nineteen last month at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama.  He is a freshman there, working on his general studies in preparation for a degree in psychology, miles and years away from his first day at HOPE at Bridges of Silence in August 2006.