Success Stories

Gabriella, 4th Grade

Gabriella, a fourth grade student at Renewal Academy, has a winning attitude and is sure to conquer any goal she sets for herself.  The mild-mannered young lady knows she must work diligently, but, along the way, she enjoys the accomplishments that mark her progress. 

Tracey, Graduate

Tracey is an academically gifted student who began to lose interest in academics during her high school years. An excellent student through middle school, Tracey found that her high school classes were not challenging. Upon learning that, at HOPE, she could progress through her studies at an accelerated pace, she enrolled at A Brand New Start Learning Center. Tracey discovered that online learning was not only more efficient and sustained her interest, but it also complemented her natural learning style.

Esther, Graduate

Before enrolling in HOPE, Esther never thrived in school. She found the work difficult and never managed to  get the one-on-one attention she needed from her teachers.

Hayden, 2nd Grade

Hayden is most comfortable ahead of the pack, and he prefers a learning pace that keeps him there.  He finds new inspiration to forge ahead every time his buddy moves on to the next assignment.  Being the leader motivates this second grader, who strives to master every subject.