Success Stories

Donnell, 2018 Graduate

The environment at HOPE’s Park Hill Academy made all the difference for Higdon Donell (best known as Donnell). Donnell started at other area HOPE Learning Centers at the end of his elementary school years. These Learning Centers eventually became Park Hill Academy.

Marcos, 2018 Graduate

A big heart. This is Marcos. No matter the setbacks he has had in his life, Marcos lives each day making life better for his community.

Fransisco, 2018 Graduate

A HOPE Mentor, Ms. Harrison, at his former Learning Center is the reason that Fransisco did not drop out when he was in middle school.

“She called me and made sure I was at school. She would even pick me up and bring me,” said Fransisco. “I wish I had kept in touch with her.”

Ruby, 2018 Graduate

Staying in school and earning her diploma was important to Ruby.

“It was something my father always expected of me. I want to make him proud,” said Ruby.