Success Stories

Joseph, Graduating Senior

Joseph has been a student at HOPE's Brighton Leadership Academy since 8th grade. Joseph says that he has never seen a school that cares more about their students than HOPE and that makes all the difference in his motivation to complete his coursework and reach graduation.

Gabriel, 2018 Graduate

Before coming to HOPE at New Hope Academy, Gabriel was getting into trouble at school.

“I was fighting and being disciplined by my teachers,” said Gabriel.

Karina, 2018 Graduate

Your legacy. This is a guiding principle in Karina's life. Two years ago she began volunteering at Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge. This is because she was being drawn to a career in the medical field.

Donnell, 2018 Graduate

The environment at HOPE’s Park Hill Academy made all the difference for Higdon Donell (best known as Donnell). Donnell started at other area HOPE Learning Centers at the end of his elementary school years. These Learning Centers eventually became Park Hill Academy.