Success Stories

Samantha, 2017 Graduate

The learning environment at HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op’s Power Academy in Aurora has helped Samantha find success.

Anthony, 2017 Graduate

Anthony entered HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op’s Alpha Learning Academy in Pueblo when he was in 6th grade and battling insecurity and depression. He had been bullied in other schools, gotten into fights, was getting bad grades and even contemplated taking his own life.

Brandon, 2017 Graduate

HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op changed Brandon’s life.

“I will be someone when I grow up,” said Brandon. “I never thought I would go to college or meet such cool people. This is what this school is all about. Thank you HOPE!”

Ms. Walden, HOPE Teacher

Lisa Walden was offered an opportunity to work as a mentor at a HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op Learning Center. She had fallen in love with inspiring the younger generation while coaching at Gateway High School and working in video production.