Success Stories

Jonathan, 2016 Graduate

Jonathan is best known for his creative mind. He enjoys drawing, sculpting, writing, reading, constructing LEGO figurines and playing video games. In June, Jonathan is planning to enter Job Corps to become a computer networker.

Leyda, 10th Grade

Leyda's attitude is contagious. This 10th grade student at HOPE’s New Heights Academy in Federal Heights shows up to school each and every day with a smile on her face. In her first year at HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op, Leyda has worked hard and is getting good grades.

Joel, 7th Grade

Joel, a 7th grade student at HOPE’s Alpha Learning Academy in Pueblo, has been on an inspiring journey this school year. He had been a HOPE student for three years during his elementary school days, but spent his 6th grade year at a traditional public school in the area.

Ivan, Elite High School Soccer Player

We are so proud of HOPE student Ivan from Aurora!! He was selected and competed in an elite area soccer experience in mid-July 2015 attended by many professional scouts. Only 20 had the opportunity to participate out of the 400 who tried out.