Success Stories

Darian, HOPE Alumnus

If HOPE alumnus Darian Duran could offer one piece of advice to current HOPE students, it would be to have a plan for after high school.

“You need an education to get where you want to go in life. My diploma from HOPE brought me down a good path,” said Darian.

Jared, HOPE Alumnus

Jared Hudson, the 2011 HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op Valedictorian graduate from Victory at Hillcrest Learning Center (now known as Parkhill Academy) in Denver, earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a triple minor in Women’s Studies, Africana Studies and Writing from the University of No

Melchazedaz, 2016 Graduate

A student who Victory at Hillcrest Learning Center won’t soon forget is Melchazedaz (better known as “Mel”).

Jonathan, 2016 Graduate

Jonathan is best known for his creative mind. He enjoys drawing, sculpting, writing, reading, constructing LEGO figurines and playing video games. In June, Jonathan is planning to enter Job Corps to become a computer networker.