Success Stories

Ms. Fritz, HOPE Staff Developer

"The challenges and opportunities of our work truly go hand in hand.  We work hard to build relationships among the many individuals who

James and Aaron, Graduates

This is a story about two HOPE students who formed an alliance, vowing to beat the odds—together.

Eyosias, 1st Grade

Eyosias is a natural learner.  His enthusiasm for his lessons is both praiseworthy and contagious.   As he describes his success with numbers, spelling and even his homework, his eyes sparkle.  Without a doubt, Eyosias brings energy and curiosity to every subject and activity. 

Devean, 5th Grade

HOPE student Devean explains that she would make an outstanding judge, projecting a sensibility and concern for others that transcend her years. “When I was six,” she dutifully clarifies, “I just thought it would be cool to use a gavel like they do on television. But now I understand how important fairness really is. I think I could help people because I always listen to both sides when there are problems, and I can usually tell who is telling the truth.”