Success Stories

Justin, 2015 Graduate

You can’t wipe the big smile off of Justin’s face. That’s because Justin is meeting a life goal by graduating from high school.

“I am the first one in my family to graduate. I know I need this for my future. It will make me a better person and help me build my life,” said Justin.

Euriah, 8th Grade

As Coloradoans, we are lucky to live in a state which offers a diverse set of education options for students in k-12 grades. But these choices can be overwhelming, especially for families who have a student who is struggling to progress academically.

Jason, 5th Grade

In December 2014, Douglas County School District shared a story on their website about how HOPE's learning model helped a struggling student at our New Beginnings Learning Center in Aurora.

Ricardo "Richy," 12th Grade Soccer Star

The entire HOPE Online Learning Academy community is proud of HOPE at Roca Fuerte High Learning Academy in Aurora senior Ricardo, better known as “Richy,” who is the leading soccer goal scorer in the All City Urban League, which is a high school interscholastic sports league comprised of teams fr