Success Stories

Raquel, 12th Grade

After her transfer to HOPE Online at Maranatha Learning Center, Raquel was not surprised by the improvement in her studies and grades. “A good education is getting really good at all the basics, whatever that takes,” she says. “To graduate and be able to stand on your own two feet, you need a strong foundation of skills to move to the next phase of education and some form of employment.”

Arianna, 9th Grade

As she considers her growing list of accomplishments, Arianna, a freshman at HOPE’s Belmar Academy, remains most proud of becoming a disciplined student. “I have learned to be focused here,” explains the poised 14-year old, concluding, “Now, school is really important.”

Janiyah, 3rd Grade

At HOPE's Pathway Learning Center, it is hard to find anyone without a kind word for a friendly third-grade student named Janiyah. Her amiable demeanor, combined with her praiseworthy performance in all her subjects, portrays a girl on a pathway of responsible citizenship, academic achievement and a future helping others as a doctor or a teacher.

Mr. Russell, HOPE Teacher

"It was obvious to me as a mentor that, much like the technology we utilize, the role of HOPE teachers continues to be redefined. I was drawn in by the innovation required to do demanding and essential work."