Success Stories

Ana, Bethany and Fahm, Graduates

Many successful HOPE Online graduates, because they have overcome chaotic life circumstances on their own, have an engrained sense of independence.

Tony, 2nd Grade

Tony, a second grader attending HOPE at Roca Fuerte Learning Center, colors with measured precision and focus. He leans into his picture and seems to tune out the activity swirling around him in Ms. Morgan’s class. Perhaps it is because Tony is on a mission—to complete the second grade and move on to third grade, with an eye on seventh grade as soon as possible.

Ms. Fritz, HOPE Staff Developer

"The challenges and opportunities of our work truly go hand in hand.  We work hard to build relationships among the many individuals who

James and Aaron, Graduates

This is a story about two HOPE students who formed an alliance, vowing to beat the odds—together.