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HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op provides Colorado K-12 students an education that includes individualized lessons paired with in-person support from experienced teachers and mentors. Students attend a community-based Learning Center five days a week for the full school day and rotate between online and face-to-face classroom instruction.

HOPE is a non-profit, free, public charter school of the Douglas County School District.

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HOPE students deliver toys to the Children's Hospital Colorado
Class Photo at I AM Academy North
HOPE students perform at Denver Art Museum
HOPE student waves at the camera at Field Day 2017.
HOPE students spelling out "HOPE Pride"
Play presented in parking lot of HOPE Learning Center by DCPA.
Action High Students at a Science Day at Aurora Community College
A local author reads to students at Mountain View
Students show off their HOPE Purple Pride.
HOPE teacher works with student on reading
Joyce Rankin with the State Board of Education reads to students at I AM Academy South.
Mountain View Graduates and Junior Escort
Students smile for the camera at Field Day 2017.
HOPE with Broncos Miles the Mascot celebrating Fuel Up to Play 60 Grant
Students at HOPE's HOPEcoming Dinner.
The Children's Academy students show off their HOPE shirts
I AM Academy group photo after winning Middle School Basketball Championship
Parkhill students at Prom
HOPE students at their desks
Students at The Greg A. Thaler Learning Center in Brighton.
Front Range Academy earns 3rd place in high school volleyball.
HOPE students Mexican Consulate
HOPE Choir performance
Group photo of one of the teams at Elementary Soccer 2017.
HOPE at I AM students pose with Denver Police during an event they planned to honor them in May 2017
Kindergarten grad in graduation robe with certificate
HOPE student in front of her Science Expo display board
First Day of School Activity at Mountain View
Action High Students receive awards at the end-of-the-year
HOPE students in front of the nutrition poster
HOPE students dressed up to perform at the Denver Art Museum
HOPE staff mentor HOPE student
First Day of School Math Activity at Parkhill Academy
HOPE classroom activities
HOPE students running at Field Day 2016
Brighton Leadership's Boys Soccer Team
HOPE's two top students in the Class of 2017
Students at Parkhill Academy Celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday
Rep. Mike Coffman visits Action Learning Center to talk with students.
Student smiles for camera at HOPE Field Day 2017.
HOPE Court of Dreams basketball tournament 2016
HOPE student on computer
HOPE Science Expo
Group photo of I AM South's High School Girls' Volleyball Team.
HOPE students smile for the camera during Field Day in Pueblo
HOPE students solving math equations
A fun posed photo with a HOPE student at Field Day 2017.
HOPE students meet orchestra player
Deputy Mayor of Denver reads to students at I AM North on Literacy Day.
Power Graduates with the Learning Center Director
Student sings at HOPE's Got Talent
HOPE students participating in The HONEY Project, a interactive healthy living activity
HOPE Field Day activities 2017.
Lunch at The Children's Academy
Cornerstone Learning Academy soccer team
High School Students talk to colleges at the College and Career Fair 2017.
HOPE students pose with vendor at Career Fair.
Brighton students honor cancer survivors during school assembly.
HOPE students at Douglas County School District 8th Grade Career Fair
Maranatha students at Prom
HOPE students completing a science project during Field Trip to Aquarium
Group photo at HOPE Field Day 2017.
HOPE high school students smile for the camera at Senior Day
Boys Volleyball Picture
HOPE students stand with family and Learning Center leadership after scholarship event with Comcast
Class Photo at I AM Academy South
HOPE student participating in Honey Project, learning about how the body works
HOPE Field Day running race 2017.
HOPE students doing a health class role play
HOPE students get ready to perform at Graduation
HOPE students enjoy school performance from Cleo Parker Robinson Dance
Brighton Leadership Academy students show off their HOPE Purple Pride.
Elementary Awaken Cheerleaders
Group photo taken with students attending College Fair
HOPE student smiles after completing an obstacle course for The HONEY Project, a healthy living activity
Lighthouse Academy wins top place in elementary soccer.
Students at I AM displaying the sandwiches they made for the homeless
Pizza Ranch presents check to HOPE Learning Center during fundraising night.
Group photo of students at the end of Prom 2017
Students display their art entered in HOPE Art Show
HOPE student dancing in 2016 Talent Show
Student hurdling at Field Day
A HOPE family smiles for the camera after Graduation
HOPE students talk to Police Officer about his career at Career Fair.
Awaken Academy's Poms Team
Class Photo at Power Academy
HOPE students at College Fair 2014
Kicking a ball at Field Day
Students pose with guest reader on Literacy Day 2017.
A family smiles for the camera after 5th Grade Continuation at I AM
HOPE students honored for winning art contest with Colorado Rockies
HOPE's 2017 Prom Court
HOPE receives grant check from Groove Auto.
I AM's 8th Grade Continuation
Parkhill's T-Ball Team
HOPE students enjoy the Denver Zoo for Field Day 2017
World Impact 2017 Middle School Soccer Team
Winners of the HOPE SLAM Poetry Contest 2017.