About HOPE

At HOPE, our pillars – Attend, Achieve, Affiliate, Aspire – influence our learning culture. The motivation for all our decisions and everything we do on behalf of our students is represented by these four principles.

The HOPE educational program model brings together:

  • High-quality curricula that meets or exceeds Colorado Academic Standards and federal Common Core standards
  • A learning model that allows students to work at their own pace
  • Licensed teachers who lead instruction
  • One-on-one community mentor support

HOPE's Mission and Vision

HOPE’s mission is to provide a student-focused 6-12 educational program through a blended learning environment for students who are historically underrepresented in the online/blended education system. HOPE’s model utilizes a community-driven educational system with a focus on attendance, affiliation, achievement and aspiration, which combine to enable our students to acquire the knowledge and skill to become future leaders in the community. This unique model of blended learning via community-directed partnerships is predicated on a social change theory that if communities are involved in creating stakeholder-driven educational systems within local neighborhoods, then families and communities will be empowered to guide their children’s educational pathways, thereby increasing student success.

The vision of HOPE is to provide a safe, caring and engaging learning environment that empowers students to grow academically, as well as social-emotionally.